BWS at Boston University

In 2010 BWS invited Italy's Quartetto Acero to come to Boston UNiversity for a series of recitals and workshops. Students from our area's music schools were invited so that the entire community could benefit from the sessions that were heavily attended at the School of Music and Tsai Performance Center. Professor Versiglia not only led master classes but also held special workshops in reed making.

For years Boston Woodwind Society has been providing music for two prestigious ceremonies at Boston University, the initiation ceremony for newly elected members of Phi Beta Kappa Society and the graduation ceremony for the academically rigorous University Professors Program. For the processional Boston Woodwind Society's Wind Octet plays Mozart's "March of the Priests," from "The Magic Flute," and for the recessional, "Ecco la Marcia" from "The Marriage of Figaro." While the audience is gathering before the ceremony the octet has played the wind octets of Mozart and Beethoven.

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  • Quartetto Acero - Carmen Maccarini; Marco Taraddei; Elena Comelli; Professor Giorgio Versiglia; BWS President Matthew Ruggiero
  • From left to right, oboists Rika Brent and Akane Inoue-Setiawan; bassoonists Elah Grandel and Stephanie Busby; hornists Neil Godwin and Kevin Owen; BWS President Matthew Ruggiero; and clarinetists Kai-Yun Lu and Juliet Lai.
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