Double Reed Festival - Tokyo, Japan 2007

Toshiichiro Matsuzaki, Secretary General of the Japan Bassoon Society invited BWS President Matthew Ruggiero to lead a series of master classes at the annual Double Reed Festival in Tokyo in 2007. Mr. Matsuzaki is a former student of Matthew Ruggiero, having studeied with him at New England Conservatory. Present at the festival were over 100 bassoonists and oboists from all over Japan. Instrument makers and repair people were on hand too, fielding questions and displaying their latest models of instruments. Attention and enthusiasm were high, and everyone benifited form the impressive level of performances and classes.

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  • Shrine in Tokyo, Japan
  • Yoshiichiro Matsuzaki, Fumiko Asada, Matthew Ruggiero
  • Site of 2007 Double Reed Festival, Tokyo, Japan
  • Pacific Music Festival Administrator Shinji Kawamoto, BWS President Matthew Ruggiero, Toho School of Music Professor Kohei Asano
  • It wasn't all work.
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